Purchase Information

Choosing to buy a new home is a big decision and you are likely to have lots of questions along the way. Our aim is to help guide you throughout the process, answering any questions you may have, so you get exactly what you want without the stress.

Please find below the steps you will need to take if you decide Castle Ashby Park is right for you.

STEP 1 - Visit Castle Ashby Park and choose your plot

Book an appointment to visit Castle Ashby Park to see if it's right for you. If you would like to proceed then choose and reserve a plot (a reservation fee will be required to secure the plot).

STEP 2 – Choose a luxury park home

The next step is to choose a park home and floor plan from Omar Park & Leisure Homes or Wessex Unique Lodges & Park Homes, and then pick the décor and features that suit your requirements and taste. You can sit down with one of Omar Group’s experienced designers at their Head Office in Brandon, Suffolk, at the park, or, if you prefer, in the comfort of your own home. The team at Omar Group can even create a bespoke design to suit your individual requirements – ideal if you have specific needs. Please note that prices quoted are for standard homes and changes to standard specifications may incur additional costs.

STEP 3 – Legal & Paperwork

You will be given a 'Turnkey Price' for your chosen home (including any changes from the standard specification) and plot. This price includes:

You will then be given a copy of the Site Licence and Park Rules (these are important documents and form part of the contract for purchase).

Following this you will receive a contract for the sale of the home. It is worth considering taking legal advice before entering into the sale contract and committing to purchase the home.

Once the sale contract is in place, a deposit will be required before the home can be built. On receipt of this payment, an approximate completion date can then be given.

STEP 4 – Sell your current home

The next step, if you haven't already done so, is to put your current property for sale on the market. Please keep us informed of the progress of the sale and let us know as soon as you have received an offer and then when you have possible exchange and completion dates.

STEP 5 – Sale & Completion 

A few weeks before your estimated completion date, an invoice will be sent to you showing the final balance payable. An estimated completion date will then be advised and you will be provided with details on how the outstanding payment can be paid. Please note: completion will not be able to take place until the full balance has cleared.

STEP 6 – Completing the purchase

The last step is completion. On your specified completion day, after funds have transferred, we will meet you at the park. Two copies of the Written Statement under the New Mobile Homes Act 2013 will need to be signed (the park will retain one copy and the other is for your own records). Once these formalities are completed the home is yours to move into!